New Google Daydream Functionality Detailed in a Run-Down of Upcoming Update

May 22, 2017 AT 08:36 AM | BY SmarterGadgetz
(Photo credit: Google)
(Photo credit: Google)

Google Daydream has been announced to be receiving its first major update this year, promising to turn the interface towards becoming an equivalent to a fully functional operating system. The update, currently known as “Daydream Euphrates”, will be released to all phones that support Daydream.

The update is also the first step towards making the headsets not require phones and instead keep the OS installed in them, making them separate standalone devices.

It will rather add another layer to the OS that will allow checking of the phone within the OS, in a separate popup, resulting in added immersion.

The update will also have more sharing options that will allow easier production of images and videos. New feature will allow for easy screen capturing and a livestream functionality will allow to stream directly from the headset to a Chromecast system.

A separate Daydream-only version of Chrome is also in the works. This new version of Chrome will allow the easier use of gadgets like Google Cardboard, allowing to launch WebVR content alongside actual webpages.

A VR device-only browser is not going to be first one of its kind — Oculus have also launched their own browser for Gear VR few months ago.